Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. ... Colorado Deep Cup Spinner Blades 14kt Gold and Copper. Recent conveyor and other parts, Mechanically very good, Structurally solid. It spins the furthest out away from the fishing line. Click below to apply. stocks Colorado Blades in more than 250 finishes in up to 8 sizes, almost 2000 different Colorado Blades to choose from, the largest selection of Colorado blades in Canada. Spinner Blades! Spinner Kits Complete ( NEW ) 3 1/2 Colorado Salmon Blade; Bell Body / .032 French Blade; In - Line Panther Martin Style Blade; Torpedo Body / .032 French Blade; Spoons .045" Hammered Spoon.072" Hammered, Steelie Style.080" Smooth Spoon; Surf Perch Fishing Disc Weights ( NEW ) The Original Folding Scissors Made in U.S.A. Discover a wide selection of inline spinner blades and inline spinner kits at Lure Parts Online today. Leader material; Hook(s) Beads or bead stacks; Rondelle bead (the “wedding ring” bead) Spinner blade and clevis OR Smile blade; For the leader I prefer to use fluorocarbon. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales, © Leaders. Sort by. We listened to serious kokanee and trout anglers to make sure we were designing leader-spinners that would be consistent fish catchers even during difficult bites. … Price: $0.98 . It’s also a winner when fished behind a Cousin Carl lake troll. On September 1, 1967, due to poor health and a stagnant business environment Tony sold out to what then was the Poulsen-Cascade Corporation who operated the business until the current ownership purchased the company assets and began operations as Poulsen Cascade Tackle in 2005. 97372-B Page Rev. The Arrow Spin BV Micro was created to be the perfect complement to our Arrow Flash  (or any other) Dodgers. From $3.20. northern I have some with nothing and others with both beads and blades. Our selection of spinner blades and buzz blades is unmatched. 24” Spinner Fan Assembly (3 blade fans) Ref. Phone: 320-676-3666 Fax: 320-676-3400 Most of our blades are available in a wide range of sizes, including blades down to size 00 and up to size 12. Arrow Spin BV Micros use time-proven Bear Valley spinner blades arranged on 12 Lb test Maxima monofilament with premium beads and quality hooks. Line. Power Pro. We even offer unpainted spinner blades "blanks" for fishermen who want to paint their own blades. We wanted to take the very popular Willow blade and put a bit of a turbo charger in it. The main attractor on every spinner type lure. In 1946 the company was purchased by Earl and Tony Poulsen and operated under the banner of “Poulsen Brothers”. per page. 2014 New Leader L4000 G-4 Spinner system 1890 hours, removed from a 2014 8400 Terra Gator ALL the viper components, cables and nodes to run with a Viper pro are still on the bed. Colorado Spinner Blades! We listened when color combinations were discussed and now offer the best of those suggestions. Will spread lime and fertilizer. Price: $1.05 . Willow Leaf Heavy Duty (.040) Spinner Gold. That’s why we have developed our Select Guide Program. Box 378 Isle, Minnesota 56342 USA. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. 2021 Barlow's Tackle | Windels Bodies and Fluted Blades #8 Sometime thereafter Poulsen Brothers bought the “Half-Fast” line of trolls from its owner Ben Silknitter who also had a manufacturer’s rep agency. Wherever accuracy and productivity are important, you’ll find New Leader spreaders. Because we’ve made your precision our singular obsession, you’ll see the results in every application. Ready to bolt up and run! , D e s c r i p t i o n a n d U n i t S e r i a l N o . Web Development If you care about having Hand-Crafted, regionally specific tackle as part of your customers’ quality fishing experience then our program is for you. We listened to serious kokanee and trout anglers to make sure we were designing leader-spinners that would be consistent fish catchers even during difficult bites. Our blade finishes include nickel, brass, gold, copper, black nickel, and silver, along with painted and patterned blades. BV Cub Spinner Blades are contoured something like the bowl of an actual desert spoon. Blades. Hi-Seas. The new Spinner® Blade ION™ features an innovative power meter that has proven effective in maximizing training efficiency and enhancing fitness and performance for cyclists of all levels. The new Serrated blade was designed with more of the traditionalist in mind when it comes to blades. So, we started with altering the outside shape of the blade by sculpturing an aggressive notched outside edge to add more turbulence as the blade went through the water. Industry-leading New Leader spreaders for fertilizer, compost, lime, BioSul. Combine Kits ... New Leader. I got an eye yesterday on … This makes them a great choice for use in trolling behind a 360º Flasher. Always keep a good selection of assorted blades in-stock in several styles, sizes and finishes. 1 20128 Capscrew- 1/2-13 x 1-1/4 SS 2 2 20714 Lockwasher- 1/2 SS 12 3 10877 Hub 2 4 27056 Disc, distributor- standard 2 4 57830 Disc, distributor- Heavy duty 2 5 20676 Lock nut- 1/4 SS 12 6 20004 Capscrew- 1/4-20 x 7/8 SS 12 7 20034 Capscrew- 5/16-18 x 3/4 18 8 25870 Fin weldment- R.H. 3 This version of the original Slopmaster offers tandem blades that gives it added vibration. We have a variety of styles to choose from. They spin at the slowest speeds and produce the most thumping and vibration. Cortland. We even offer a version with a genuine Swarovski Bi-Cone crystal bead for extra fire and flash. Our precision application equipment is designed for situations where the precise placement of nutrients is essential. Leader Making Supplies +-Line. Simple, each blade style has a unique vibration and unique flash. ProEye blades start easily and will continue to spin at slower retrieve speeds than other blades. HIGHWAY EQUIPMENT COMPANY HYDRAULICS – MARK SERIES CONTROL 21,22 4,9,10,11 SPINNER PRESSURE PUMP 5,6,12,13,14 SPINNER SPINNER RETURN 19,36 20,22,23,24,25 P l e a s e G i v e P a r t N o . Due to the fact they have such a wide swinging pattern, they are best seen by the fish from the front. With spinnerbait skirts, blades, and more, you’ll find everything you need to set up a reliable spinner rig. Spinner motor, 35.1 CID Style II Fits: 3020G4, 3020XP, 3220G4 and L4000G4 beds. Click Here to View all the January Specials. New Fishing Lures ; Specials ; Home > Fishing Lures by Type > Blades; Blades. Originally founded by Ed and Herb Wirth, their primary brand, Cascade, was well known throughout the Pacific Coast fishing tackle community. Learn more by watching the G5 Spreader highlights. On my walleye rigs I have small blades and glow beads in different locations on the leader. MSRP $13.96 >> Now $3 Limited to stock on hand. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. Tail light system and node/ cables are still on the bed as well. Description Qty. The New L4000G4 Part No. By Fahrenheit Marketing, Lead Melting Pots, Ladles and Accessories, Screws, Washers, Hangers, Connector Links, Thread, Tinsel, Ribbing, Cord, Wire and Floss, Indiana, Tomahawk, Kicker, and Chopper Blades, Top Coat, Seal Coats and Finishing Supplies, Hildebrandt Colorado Blades Copper Finish, Hildebrandt Colorado Blades Nickel Finish, Ultra Premium Gold Colorado Blades Smooth Finish Sizes 3 - 3.5, Ultra Premium Nickel Colorado Blades Smooth Finish Sizes 3 - 4, Premium Silver Colorado Blades Smooth Finish Sizes 2 - 4, Premium Brass Colorado Blades Hammered Finish Sizes 00 - 4, Premium Brass Colorado Blades Smooth Finish Sizes 00 - 4, Premium Gold Colorado Blades Hammered Finish Sizes 3 - 4.5, Premium Gold Colorado Blades Smooth Finish Sizes 1 - 6. 100 Nickel Micro Willow Spinner Bait Blades Size 0 Worth 94820 Underspin Flutter $16.99 New 100 Size 00 Micro Indiana Spinner Bait Blades Worth Mfg 94329 Badger Quality Netcraft ProEye Custom Painted Spinner Blades Size 5 Our ProEye Colorado harness blades size 5 are the same size as our regular Colorado blades with a deep cup on the trailing edge. Size 1 is nearly identical in length to a 3.5 Colorado. Colorado Blades , Shop our great selection, quality and Same Day Shipping at Javascript is disabled on your browser. Whether you're building your own spinner baits, buzz baits, inline baits or spoons, odds are, we have the blades you need. Choose from many styles including colorado blades which are the most widely used style of blade. New; Used; Sponsored Price and other details may vary based on size and color. 3.4 out of 5 stars 7. Ideal for fishing in murky waters or low-visibility conditions, fishing spinners create motion underwater to attract nearby fish. Since 1939. The Bigtooth Tackle Straight-Wire™ Mag Spinnerbait brings a new design to the world of large spinner.. $15.99 Add to Cart. Interested? I like to run bead/blade combos on most my tip ups. Arrow Spin BV Micros use time-proven Bear Valley spinner blades arranged on 12 Lb test Maxima monofilament with … Product #: 313512: They are less visible from the side. Whether you're building your own spinner baits, buzz baits, inline baits or spoons, odds are, we have the blades you need. Their rotation is dependable at nearly any trolling speed. Also deicing spreaders & road maintenance equipment. In-Line Hammered Silver Plate Panther Martin Style Blade ( 5, 10, 25 Pack SPECIAL ) Compare $3.52 - $9.68 More Info # 7 Deep Cup Colorado Spinner Blades. Filter. $801.54 USD . Always keep a good selection of blades in-stock in several styles, sizes and finishes. Why do we stock so many styles? And our success rides on yours. View as Grid List. #546186D1 - ENDGATE 120 6. New Leader L2020 Spinner Box on Tandem Axle Cart. BV Cub blades are more pear-shaped than Colorados so they have less drag. The colorado spinner blade is the most popular style of blade for making walleye spinner rigs, crawler harnesses, and live bait rigs. New Leader NL5000 G5 Hydraulic Spinner Spreader The G5 has a patented 16-section swath width control technology lets operators apply fertilizer with pinpoint accuracy. I’ve found that you need to use at least 10 pound line to avoid line twist caused by friction of that blade spinning. Super Singles, Walking Beam Suspension. A well b.. $18.99 Lakeland Component Solutions 250 E. Isle St. P.O. In 1955 the company was split into Poulsen Brothers and Poulsen Quality Flies with Earl taking the later and Tony continuing on with the former. Leaders ; Rigs & Spoons ; Spinnerbaits ; Swimbaits ; New Fishing Lures ; New Rod & Fly Items: Resources & Information: Rod Building for the Beginner: Fly Tying for the Novice: Spinner Blades and Spoons for making fishing lures Spinner Blades. We’ll provide the information you need about the Half-Fast Select Guide Program. $8.99 $ 8. 6282 products found. 50pcs Deep Cup Fishing Lures Copper Fishing Attractor Spinner Blades DIY Fishing Lures Accessories for Hard Lures Worm Spinner Baits Spoons Rigs Making. Leaders/Leader Making Supplies. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Display. Most of our blades are available in a wide range of sizes, including blades down to size 00 and up to size 12. For convenience, we also offer pre-tied spinner rigs so you won’t have to take the time to tie your own. Spinner blades for walleye from our large selection of sizes and colors for making walleye spinners. Copyright 2019 NewsLanding Design | All Rights Reserved, {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}. Even more so if you want it at special prices. Blades Combine Parts Case IH Corn Head Kits Divider Parts Row Unit Parts Combine Kits Concaves Elevator Parts Feeder Parts Misc. Our selection of spinner blades and buzz blades is unmatched. 8' x 12' Box, All Hydraulic, Dual Spinners, 1000 PTO.

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