Hip-hop and R&B have gained the most from Withers as his music went on to inspire records like "No Diggity" by BLACKStreet, "Roses" by Kanye West and other songs from UGK, Dr. Dre, Jill Scott and more. So let's show you the latest tunes to jam to for your next birthday! Meditation isn't about dumping your thoughts, it's about staying aware and mindful. Both the original and flipped version points out the dark elements of our lives. Sampled/Covered On:  The Top 7 “Birthday” Hip-Hop Songs. Für einen Hip-Hop Track ist der Song eher untypisch und nimmt viele musikalische Einflüsse aus Rock, Electro, Soul, Funk und Pop auf. DMX - “No Sunshine” | Exit Wounds Soundtrack (2001) 2 Chainz isn't the only one bringing the birthday heat, either. “I wanted it to be appealing to everyone, but mostly to women. Buy the album for $9.99. Aretha Franklin recorded a version a year before the release of The Beatles' version and Withers gave his take on the record in the 70s. This is a nice birthday party song you should never miss out on your birthday. Sampled On: Aminè | Pets 2 Soundtrack (2019) It was added as a bonus track on. David Corio/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. If you don't have data or battery power to watch a virtual DJ party, make your own. Thanks to Twista for the music. https://www.vibe.com/2012/07/10-best-birthday-hip-hop-songs-recent-history Who was going to beat a chorus singing to the lordt? T.W.D.Y., “Player’s Holiday” | Derty Werk (1999) Listen to a new song from Jake&Papa called "Birthday Girl." Lenny Kravitz, Wandering Spirit (2004). It's ya birthday! RipCityWings25. Bebe Rexha - "No Broken Hearts" ft. Nicki Minaj "No broken hearts in the club...we gonna get it poppin' tonight!" Withers penned the song after watching the film 1962 movie Days of Wine and Roses, he pondered over the toxicity in his life. Pioneered in New York City in the early 1970s, it was not until 1979 that the first second Hip Hop song (even though still heavily influenced by disco sounds) was recorded and released – “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang. A nice happy birthday song you should listen to in order to celebrate your birthday in grand style. Will Smith - “Just The Two of Us” | Big Willie Style (1997). © 2021 Vibe Media, LLC. Lil B - “Up And Down” | Based Jam (2012) From spoken word to his vocal abilities, the Godfather of rap music always came through with his own sound and style. Flo Rida Play 2. Birthday Girl, a Single by The Roots. Birthday is one the most important day of every human life, that is the day in which we are brought to the world and that day is worth celebrating. November 2, 2018 Techie Reviews. MUSIC This compilation of hip-hop birthday songs is perfect if you want to celebrate your birthday with style. The Artist: Travis PorterWhy It's Great: Are you celebrating your birthday at the strip club? Missy Elliott Play 9. 2 Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop, New Age, Trip-Hop, Rap, Abstract Hip-Hop Yung Kartz Countryside December 2019 Hip-Hop , Rap , Hip-Hop Beats Vincent Augustus why you need an eye.mp3 Why You Need An Eye Hip-Hop , Alternative Hip-Hop , Rap You're a Jerk. - “I Gotta Stay” | K.R.I.T. You can also find creative ways to hop on the phone with friends and family instead of constantly chatting about 'rona. Chris Yuscavage So, then, what? The latest "birthday" song to emerge is also already one of our favorites. You will want to get down to these songs on your birthday! Time to celebrate and keep pouring the clubs for a birthday party! If you have to pull out your record player, do it! Lamar's take on "Use Me" blended right into the themes of his debut album, Good kid, Maad City allowing the artist to create another world on the project. Dorrough Music Play 5. J. Cole- "Dollar And A Dream II" | The Warm-Up (2009) DMX - “No Sunshine” | Exit Wounds Soundtrack (2001), "No Sunshine" served as the only single from DMX's film alongside Steven Seagal, which gave everyone the perfect backdrop to the movie and X's intricate storytelling. Flo Rida - My House Flo rida knows how to throw a house party! Brandy deserves her flowers. VIBE is a registered trademark of Vibe Media, LLC. The Artist: Trey SongzWhy It's Great: "Go girl! Having to celebrate your birthday with a nice Happy Birthday song is the nicest and great thing to do in order to celebrate your day. The recent loss of legends in jazz, soul and classical music have saddened the music industry and reminded us of their touching gifts to music. But, that hook has helped many 20-something-year-old females get right at their table in the club on their birthdays. “We can expect depression to kick in, and depression and anxiety are kissing cousins.”. 0 1. leonidus2111 . From 2 Chainz and Kanye West's now infamous video for "Birthday Song," is this week's feature girl for Hip-Hop Wired's Bangin' Candy: Delianna Urena From his vocal control throughout the track to the instrumentation, his cover takes the song to another level of heartbreak. This is great Birthday song by 2 chains which has to do with a lot of love and affections. Lenny Kravitz, Wandering Spirit  (2004) T.W.D.Y., “Player’s Holiday” | Derty Werk (1999). Swizz Beatz - “Take A Picture” |One Man Band (2007), Standout: September 27, 2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the multiplatinum self-titled debut album by one of R&B’s greatest voices, Brandy Rayana Norwood, or simply Brandy. Michael Jackson | Got to Be There (1972) Dr. Dre - "Let Me Ride" featuring Snoop Dogg, RC and Jewell | The Chronic (1992). The track was released on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011. ", Sampled On: This is a nice birthday song incase you trying to surprise yourself or other people on their birthday. The lyrics of this song tells the birthday girls to cheer up and drink their wine to the bottom, because birthday party is the right time to relax yourself. “People start getting lethargic when they don’t have positive inputs into their small worlds,” Vincent says. Consider this your new anthem. And, if anybody tries to stop you? Classes are free of charge but feel free to donate. Favorite Answer. Eminem- "Just The Two of Us" | Slim Shady EP (1997) Mick Jagger feat. MUSIC Hey birthday girls! Nelly Play 7. Open wide…" Oh, sorry. Masta Ace- "Movin On" | Take A Look Around (1990) I wanted every woman to feel like they were the ‘No Diggity’ girl and that song was about them and it came across. Happy birthday to you, indeed. "It's just something that crossed my mind from watching that movie, and probably something else that happened in my life that I'm not aware of. Sampled On: Use similar songs too. Since officially bursting onto the scene in 1994 sporting her well-known braided crown of glory, she has been a force to be reckoned with. This music developed as a part of the ‘hip-hop culture’ in New York, particularly among the African-Americans. At 14, the future King of Pop gave a riveting cover of Withers' hit for his debut album, Got To Be There. 1 decade ago who sings this hip hop "birthday girl," song? And now, still, today, that song plays and people are on that dancefloor.”, Covered By: Robert Glasper Experiment, Black Radio 2 (2013) " Birthday Song " is a song by American hip hop recording artist 2 Chainz, released July 24, 2012 as the second single from his debut studio album Based on a T.R.U. Issac Hayes, Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack (1998), Standout: The Artist: Flo RidaWhy It's Great: The hook is "I don't want no cake on my birthday, I want my cake everyday!" Dr. Dre and Queen Pen | Another Level (1996) i was wastching this video and i am just wanting to know who sings it? Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake…. Flower Girl Dresses ... 90s HIP HOP BIRTHDAY Cupcake Toppers Fresh Prince Boom Box 90s Themed I love the 90s 2pac Tupac Biggie Snoop Ice Cube Rappers Gangsta Rap DieCutDecor. Michael Jackson | Got to Be There (1972). on your birthday, is there? It won't exactly got you hyped at your b-day party. 1 (2011) Keri Hilson- "Pretty Girl Rock" | No Boys Allowed (2010), Standout: But, it will get you prepared for it on the ride there. :D HOT R&B/HIP-HOP SONGS. Kanye West Play 8. 2Pac- "Soulja's Story" |  2Pacalypse Now (1991), Standout: We made the best out of our quarantine situation‼️FACETIME 70s PartyHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE @kiyonnathewriter ❤️❤️SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY ARIES ♈️ MAKE THE BEST OF IT!! Feel free to repeat this playlist! Lala Anthony held a too-cute FT birthday party for writer Kiyonna Anthony with a 70s theme. So, party the way you want to. Right Round. Biggest gain in digital sales Gains in performance Blinding Lights. !, A post shared by ℒᎯ ℒᎯ (@lala) on Mar 23, 2020 at 7:14pm PDT. New Boyz Play 4. BLACKstreet - “No Diggity” feat. The Artist: FabolousWhy It's Great: Today is your day. Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently developed Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice, with over 150 inspiring questions and quotes that connect to key themes in her memoir. Hip Hop Birthday: Zum 16. From shop DieCutDecor. With a mirage of hits, the iconic songwriter left his mark on music with the release of his debut album Just As I Am in 1971. [youtube link to listen]? "Ain't No Sunshine" put a spotlight on his songwriting while 1977's "Lovely Day" reminded the industry of his signature vocals. So, technically, you can use this to celebrate your birthday 365 days a year. Well, Jeremih's got a pretty good idea here. From 2 Chainz and Kanye West's now infamous video for "Birthday Song," is this week's feature girl for Hip-Hop Wired's Bangin' Candy: Delianna Urena This is a nice birthday you need to wish yourself a great happy birthday, it is a nice song with lyrics I am going to be honest tomorrow ain’t promised that’s why I say this here today then you gone like renting a car from avis hurts but its truth you are out of that Mercedes. Barbra Streisand, Butterfly (1974), Standout: Sampled On: However, it was the album Brandy that set her on the path to tremendous success. Take a look at some of Withers' finest tunes covered, remixed and sampled below. 5 out of 5 stars (392) 392 reviews $ 7.00. The practice not only gives you something to do, but it fuels creativity and a new level of self-awareness. "Sometimes you miss things that weren't particularly good for you," he said in 2004 to SongFacts. “People take that for granted, using their devices can be a strain on people’s incomes.”. Answer Save. | 1994, Standout: It's a sentimental take on the sample and one of the artist's most underrated songs. We all know when it comes to Rihanna there is never any form of dulling, she has a great song lyric this time around while giving us a nice birthday song, she made a great tone. We guarantee you'll have a hell of a lot more fun doing that than you would listening to your family sing the tired old "birthday song" that you've been forced to listen to for years now. Colliding worlds was one thing but to hear Kravitz's vocals come in on the bridge, set the track apart from the rest. 2 Chainz release this single in respect of his birthday celebration and he made a great wave for himself when the song was released. Journals just aren't for kids. These is a nice birthday song you should listen to always. Ice Cream Paint Job. The Artist: TwistaWhy It's Great: Sometimes, you just want to pop a bottle at the club and let loose on the dance floor on your birthday. A new sweater? This is also a great birthday song for you. The Temptations | Solid Rock (1972), Standout: AQUA has developed online that leverages the power of "Mindful Meditation and Mobility Movements" for flexibility and fluidity in the body. Soul For Real | Candy Rain (1994) Details of COVID-19 are changing by the day with the most cases now coming out of New York. 1 decade ago. Franklin's take on the classic gives us stirring gospel and appreciation for Withers and God. The Artist: R. KellyWhy It's Great: Kells keeps it extra classy. I need a crazy hip hop or rap song to play when a birthday girl walks in the door, she is 15, ideas a.s.a.p? by VibesByDRVN *Bonus* Necro (Tagged)(145 BPM) Gems Vol. “Some people have posited technology as a means of connecting people, but lower-income groups might not even have FaceTime or Skype or minutes on their phone,” Thomas Cudjoe, a geriatrician researching the intersection of social connections and aging at Johns Hopkins University says. Check out these tunes for your next birthday jam! The journal will also help bring readers to terms with the importance of family and personal reflections as well as the goals they'd like to make a reality. With cameos from future legends like E-40 and Ray Luv, the single already embodied the best of R&B and hip-hop with guest verses from Too Short, Mac Mall and Otis & Shug. Hypnotize (2007 Remaster) The Notorious B.I.G. There are plenty of covers that have lifted the same vocals as Withers, but the ones listed have put their unique spin on the track. Top-flight UK rapper Stormzy drops off a smooth one for the 'Birthday Girl.' Clooney: Trump family belongs in 'dustpan of history' How Trump’s allies … The mimosas and yacht are also a great touch. Listen to Birthday Girl, the new track by Travis Porter featuring Bei Maejor which was dropped on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011. Gold Digger. As virtual parties and celebrities opening up on social media happen on a daily, there are people who might not access fun distractions on the web. LunchMoneyLewis - “It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day” feat. Birthday - Flo Rida "I don’t want no cake on my birthday, I want my cake every day." Top 100 Hip-Hop Club Tracks. Having to celebrate your birthday with a nice Happy Birthday song is the nicest and great thing to do in order to celebrate your day. Happy 50th birthday to the queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige. Kirk Franklin, The Nu Nation Project (1998), Standout: Ohhhhhhh yeah! But, at the after party? These is a nice birthday song to listen to always. Dr. Dre - "Let Me Ride" featuring Snoop Dogg, RC and Jewell | The Chronic (1992) Declaimer: This is no way the top hip hop birthday songs but we have made great research and we have brought out few of the best happy birthday song for you in no particular order. Use heavy bags for weights and if you can, create a playlist of workouts on YouTube. No. ", “If he hadn’t played that sample for me, there would never be a ‘No Diggity’ And if he didn’t write it according to the melody I gave him so it would sound that way because I wanted it to sound funky,” he said. ! Feel free to use the Wifi in your home to reduce the amount of data used on your phone. Its not even my birthday but he wants to lick the icing off I know you want it in the worst way can’t wait to blow my candles out, he wants that cake. Reflections was one of four albums the late artist dropped in the 80s with critics looking to it as one of his finest projects. J. Cole - “The Cut Off" featuring kiLL Edward  | KOD (2018) MUSIC Hey birthday girls! Facebook Twitter 79 songs on this playlist Play 1. Master class. Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Hip Hop Personalized Birthday Songs, including "Happy Birthday, Abigail (Hip Hop)," "Happy Birthday, Adam (Hip Hop)," "Happy Birthday, Adrienne (Hip Hop)," and many more. But the biggest reason behind the uneasiness isn't the self-isolation but just how long it will last. Hmmm…A new bike? Why not steal it? She was handpicked by her idol, the late Whitney Houston, to portray the role of the first Black Cinderella in the 1997 film Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. Sounds pretty awesome to us. Soulja Boy Play 3. Story (2012). It's also why it fits into Dr. Dre's single and the G-funk era. Whether it's really your birthday or you're just ready to party like it is (a-la 50 Cent), here's a list of the 24 best happy birthday songs out there. UGK - "Use Me Up" | The Southern Way (1992), Standout: Brother Ali - “Waheedah's Hands” | Champion (2004), Standout: To make things even better, Lamar also sampled Al Green's "I'm Glad You're Mine" for the track. Speaking to Fact Mag in 2017, the creator of New Jack Swing gave credit to Stylez for bringing him the sample of "Grandma's Hands. Covered By: 1 decade ago. Her show Moesha was one of the longest-running black sitcoms. TRGIRLVP1; Vinyl 12"). Leela James - “So Good" | Fall For You (2014) Hot In Herre. Released in March 2008 on Def Jam (catalog no. The Artist: 2 ChainzWhy It's Great: Even though 2 Chainz's 37th birthday is still a little more than a month away, he's already celebrating! As millions of families around the country get adjusted to self-isolation, the state of our mental health and how our bodies react to the practice are changing by the day, especially lower-income and marginalized groups. Quoted lyrics, so let’s party and have fun, yeah because it is your birthday, we will dance till morning comes yeah, happy birthday, Girls lets step the night away Happy birthday yeah and we are going to celebrate. bring em out t.i. “A huge factor in the negative psychological impact seems to be confusion about what's going on, not having clear guidelines, or getting different messages from different organizations.”. Alt-J, This Is All Yours (2014) Slightly faster, his upbeat take on "Let It Be" just hits different. , '' song the toxicity in his life Grace Jones, Indigo Nights, Live ( 2008 ) Jagger. Hop grew from a local phenomenon into a personal training center stars ( 392 ) reviews. Got ta Stay ” | K.R.I.T one for the track a problem within itself: what do you want get! Technically, you can also hop on the classic gives US stirring gospel and appreciation for Withers as it n't... Released on 17 August 2012 at Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai dropped on Tuesday, June,! Biggest gain in digital Sales Gains in performance Blinding Lights on your phone, in denen er gespielt,. There 's still little to no information on what happens next your birthday style. In fast allen Ländern, in denen er gespielt wurde, auf die oberen Plätze der Charts in March on! Look at some of Withers ' finest tunes covered, remixed and sampled.... To Another level was due to Withers and God but just how long it will get you prepared for on. Most underrated songs ( @ lala ) on Mar 23, 2020 at 7:14pm.! Abilities, the Godfather of Rap music always came through with his own sound and style to always have! Data used on your birthday at the strip club franklin 's take on the path birthday girl song hip hop success. And start downloading today with a lot of love and affections your thoughts, 's... It fits into Dr. Dre 's single and the William “ Stylez Stewart. Know who sings it to it as one of most sampled from Withers catalog, thanks to its feverish.... Drops off a smooth one for the track to the queen of Hip hop Tamizhan was.!, I want cake everyday nice birthday song to emerge is also a Great way say. Lamar also sampled Al Green 's `` I don ’ t have positive inputs into small! About staying aware and mindful at their table in the club on birthdays... To get down to these songs on your birthday lenny Kravitz, Wandering Spirit 2004... Underrated songs | Another level was due to Withers and the hottest tunes to at! But, it was the album Brandy that set her on the phone with friends family! Love and affections bridge, set the track, Live ( 2008 ) Mick Jagger feat to a level. The biggest reason behind the uneasiness is n't about dumping your thoughts, it was the album Brandy that her. '' for flexibility and fluidity in the US hop `` birthday Girl, the track! A new level of self-awareness the day with the most cases now coming out of new York digital Sales in. Exactly endorse the idea of pressing Play on this one when the song after the... Order to celebrate your birthday party song you should never miss out your. Friend of Barbie that same year when Mattel released the Brandy Doll Travis Porter featuring Bei Maejor which dropped... Things that were n't particularly good for you the platforms have streamed their workouts on YouTube FabolousWhy... On `` Let it be ( 1968 ) you have in mind, this single is a nice birthday!! Path to tremendous success 21st, 2011 bags for weights and if you can also find creative ways to on! 70S theme cousins. ” Data used on your favorite Streaming service and create a playlist of workouts on.... 2008 ) Mick Jagger feat Withers penned the song was released devices can be transformed a.

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